Angry Seas Apparel

Angry Seas script logo


The Angry Seas, an apparel company based out of Northeast Florida. Looking to take advantage of a crossover market opportunity involving those outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy both surfing and fishing,  the idea for the Angry Seas began to take shape. The owner was in need of everything that a start up brand needs... literally everything.


There was a lot to complete in the is project and it was very much an "all hands on deck" situation. The owner approached me with a spark of an idea for a new brand and I was very interested because of the freedom to create a complete brand and marketing system. Ultimately I was hired to create everything from the initial logo mark and logotype variations; t-shirt graphics; embroidered patches; repeat patterns for fabrics; product photography of samples; and once the products were designed and produced, I continued with the build out of the e-commerce website.

We started with defining the end consumer, then moved into what would distinguish the brand from the competition and continued with defining the desired brand perception, and finally started designing using those principles as the parameters for all design decisions. The consumer base was identified as dedicated surfing & fishing enthusiasts, which dictated the apparel material choices for all of the product. During the discovery phase of the project "Durable, Comfortable and Cool" were identified as the three key features needed for all fabrics. The Angry Seas needed to find manufacturers for "performance" shirts and board shorts, so I accompanied the owner to the Sourcing at Magic conference in Las Vegas to help cull through the choices.

Angry Seas Brand Strategy Attending Sourcing Magic Las Vegas
Sourcing at magic - Vegas

Researching materials + manufacturers

Brand Strategy - Product R&D with online influencers. @bdaddy wearing Angry Seas Electric Eels Tee
Brand Strategy - utilize influencers

Instagram's @Bdaddy wearing Angry Seas Electric Eels T-shirt


Various T-shirt graphics including textured digital illustrations and custom typography designs from the several catalog seasons. Designs of monograms, logo badges, fishing related imagery along with tongue-n-cheek wordplay really brought to life a charismatic offering from the very start of the brand.

the look - authentic

Here's a selection of images I created to advance the look and feel of the Angry Seas apparel brand. On location photo shoots provided ample opportunity to create lifestyle photos. In studio photo shoots were focused on capturing models wearing the product to show the fit and accompanying embellishments, such as: hem tags, custom patches, fabric patterns, product form, performance features and material stretch.