Artec Kool-Roof

Artec Koolroof Elastomeric Coating Product logo design


Advanced Coating Systems was releasing a new line of products which consisted of a proprietary system of elastomeric roof coatings, released under the name Artec Kool Roof. The project included the development of a corporate logo, package design, and marketing materials. Those marketing efforts would be concerned with both direct sales to distributers and product awareness campaigns that would focus on how easy it was to use the product. These advertising materials would eventually include rack cards for home improvement stores, data sheets, trifold brochures with how to apply instructions and a promotional dvd with video walkthroughs of the application process.


Along with finalizing the company's logo, I was responsible for: the label design and information layout for each of the five products; making sure that all of the required safety information was included; organizing the correct energy saving certifications and UPC symbols on the labels; verifying that the copy remained legible as the amount varied with each separate product; illustration of custom icons representing the tools needed to apply the product; DVD label design; and leave behind marketing collateral.

The final count for the bucket labels was 30: five products in the line, each with three buckets sizes (5 gallon, 2.6 gallon, 1 gallon), and each label duplicated for a Spanish version. I may have been cross-eyed for a short time after this project. Hahaha.


Due to complications with acquiring a trademark for the name "Kool-Roof," as it was considered to be a general industry specific name for the type of coating, Advanced Coating Systems had to make the addition of the "ARTEC" to the name of the product. Which involved a reworking of the logo lockup and general revisions to every label.

Artec Koolroof Elastomeric Coating Product Packaging Design Project rack card layout


Product catalog for 2020 Sharper Image lineup. Responsible for determining all style choices, icon creation, item properties/callout choices and layout of 116 page booklet. This catalog represents the merging of the two styles, the 2019 catalog style and the new graphic style I helped develop for 360 Group. I’m proud to see the hard work realized in a mature state.