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Carefusion contacted me about creating several technical illustrations for the upcoming product catalog for Snowden-Pencer, the line of laparoscopic instruments, which are some of the most advanced surgical instruments available. As they were still in the sample phase, these were precious items, the team sent each round of instruments as they were being received from the manufacturer. I was to photograph each jaw of the instrument, both and "A" and "B" side, then produce a vector based technical illustration to be used for all sales material and product booklets. The distinct problem the marketing team at Carefusion needed to overcome was they had contracted a photographer to capture images of each laparoscopic instrument but found it difficult to discern which jaw was which when visually comparing the photos with the actual product. Each of the precision instruments are extremely detailed in their function and use; lending to the imperative from surgeons that there be a better way to identify which product was which once removed from the sterile packaging. So these illustrations had a extremely practical field use as they would make up a matrix of the product number and have the matching illustration which clearly shows the gripping teeth pattern of each Snowden-Pencer jaw.


I was to create a vector based technical illustration, using Adobe Illustrator, of each of the available Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic instruments. This project led to several other projects coinciding with the Carefusion marketing efforts during their launch of several child company products. Most notably the Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments and the DFU (directions for use) for a retractable needle by AMGEN. For the retractable needle I was responsible for illustrating the step by step use of the safety minded, disposable product.

I also was tasked with creating illustrations explaining the suturing procedure while using the laparoscopic instruments. These would be used for Carefusion sponsored "technique" presentations conducted by Kate O'Hanlan, MD FACOG, FACS, SGO. There was the obligation to be true to the orientation of the instruments degree of angle and explanation of motions in the step by step process drawings. As per usual, time was of the essence as the upcoming convention presentation was fast approaching.

Lastly I created a set of medical drawings; the anatomy illustrations were of several section of the torso and internal organs and used in conjunction with various products DFUs.


As there was no specific directions or preference as to how the instruments were to be showcased, I tried to capture of the instruments at a roughly 45 degree angle and used a macro lens to photograph each of the more than 50 individual jaw types. As you can see with the image of the side by side comparison the drawing needed to be exact as these would serve as the "best" way to differentiate between one set and the other in the midst of surgery. I had to create an illustration of each side of the jaw and then a side profile of the closed jaws to show the pattern created of the teeth as they connected. Each drawing would be reviewed by the marketing team and surgical advisors to maintain a true usable end product. This one took some time to complete but hopefully someone is benefiting from the use of graphic design techniques to solve a real world problem.



Technical illustrations for medical company - Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic instruments


Technical illustrations for medical product directions for use (DFU) pamphlet. Drawings show the step by step directions to use the retractable needle by AMGEN.