Craft Loyal Apparel

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Craft Loyal was an idea without a name when I was contacted to bring it to life. Through the process of ideation with the original owners I developed the name, origin story, mission statement, several marks, all product designs, e-commerce site, event banners, product photography and product descriptions.


I began every design exercise from the starting point of creating a brand that looked like it was established, like it had history, and existed for some time allowing the brand to portray a rich character. This resonated through the vintage style of many of the t-shirt graphics and the overall aesthetic of the original website design. I referenced masonic symbols and secret society lore to pull aspects and visuals from while building the mood boards. Working with the owners, I developed several character profiles to make sure we had direction for realizing the brand voice and baseline of products offered. Discussions on the "ultimate customer" always start with a few general statements and then becomes more specific and decisions are narrowed down. Just your basic whiteboard meeting, a lot of lists and back and forth to clarify the goals. The brand was launched on July 4th, a day synonymous with freedom in the USA, the company was free to spread its wings and fly.

Craft Loyal Apparel


T-shirt graphics designed for the Craft Loyal brand, a salute to those living the craft beer loving lifestyle. Tags like "The Revolution is Brewing" denote the passion of beer lovers; coinciding with a true revolution in the craft beer undermining  takeover of the corporate brewed beer market.

the look - established, authentic, subversive

The Craft Loyal brand look needed to have slightly urban feel, a little vintage throwback, a bit of grit with rough edges, and consistent in its delivery. There's a lot of noise in the space so it was important to really bring together a polished look and visually deliver the products in a way that seemed trusted. There were originally five glassware offerings, currently only the Glass Beer Can is available, but it's pretty sweet so check it out here.