Fuel Clothing

Project Details



Fuel Clothing needed some inspiration for the upcoming seasons outerwear line. The requested a few repeating pattern samples to be included in the sample run as this was a preproduction project. It needed to be available in several color ways and versatile enough to be reproduced in various printing techniques from dye sublimation, to plastisol inks, to anti-slip silicone based inks for gloves. The colors needed to "pop" (the favorite word of all clients) as the line was being introduced to the Japanese market and they were very fond of loud colors at the time.


I was responsible for designing a repeatable pattern to be utilized across the Fuel Clothing line. It appeared on several items and all the interior lining of the  brand's outerwear line.


The coolest part of this project was actually the warmest, as Shane Gould, the owner of Fuel Clothing sent me a set of the outerwear which featured the pattern as the interior lining fabric pattern. I was stoked to get to ride with the gear that I helped design keeping me warm and dry for season after season.

Fuel Clothing Repeat Pattern Design 3way gloves


These are a few of the promo images that featured my repeat pattern design on the Fuel Clothing outerwear.