GE eHealth Product Launch

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GE eHealth patient portal connection diagram
GE Logo lockup


GE had just rolled out a brand new style guide and I was contracted to create some of the first sales presentations created for the GE Healthcare eHealth platform under the new visual guidelines. Enroute to a global product launch, the GE marketing team was preparing for the World of Health IT (WoHIT) Conference & Exhibition. While developing content for the presentation, someone realized they also needed quick turn around on supplemental graphics, PowerPoint slide graphics, and layouts for printed marketing materials. The marketing team needed to have various presentation graphics and printed brochures designed with little delay. Working closely with the team we decided which information needed to be included, the order of delivery for the information, appropriate graphics and selected images from the GE asset library. I was responsible for creating a simplified version of  the eHealth client portal communication graphic; a diagram that was extremely complicated and full of specific Network and IT data needed to become a clean visual representing the idea that many types of medical professionals can now be connected by a central GE eHealth patient portal.


Enter the “Gun for Hire,” the freelance designer. Agencies have too much lag and internal design  departments were too over burdened to give a concentrated effort. I was told “this is the first time we’ve tried to use outside vendors and it’s a highly unusual situation for us to reach out to freelancers, but we’ve got to do it and, unfortunately, there’ll be a lot of added pressure because of the current style changes and crazy time crunch.”

No worries. I worked closely with the team to design the marketing  materials they needed, on time and with no margin for error. I also produced the brochure and power point presentation slides the marketing team needed to succeed. The brochures needed to be designed, cleared by legal, printed and shipped within 10 day period. Done, done and done.  


A short email that illustrates the importance of branding and how the message evolves, as new problems are encountered, you’ll sometimes have to make the decisions that set precedent for later communications. 

“These guidelines address the need to create ONE look and feel for GE Healthcare AND healthymagination and apply to our communication efforts moving forward. I am sure there will be updates to these guides as we move forward, particularly as new scenarios surface. I’m hoping you can alert me to these, provide your thoughts and ideas – as this is meant to be a team effort. You are the staunch defenders of the GE brand and the most creative members in the business. I am energized by the enthusiasm this has received to date and very much looking forward to seeing how you will take healthymagination to the next level.”

Katherine M. Patterson
Global Marketing Communications Manager
GE Healthcare
Growth Initiatives

GE eHealth Product Launch Presentation Marketing Materials - PowerPoint Slide Design


Brochure page layout and design for US markets and select European markets


Brochure page layout and design for Saudi Arabia product release; although the cover graphic was the same for both brochures, this was a separate piece complete with market specific content and culturally appropriate image selection.