Infinite Iris Textbook

Infinite Iris Iridology Textbook - Logo Design


Infinite Iris was representing Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen to publish her book"Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook for Iridology." The clients were in need of a logo; company information website to sell the book; marketing materials; custom illustrations; as well as the actual design and page layout for the textbook itself. The book was to be just under 400 pages, there were also many illustrations and diagrams which needed to be created to visually explain the material.


Selection of typefaces, color palettes, page layout and structure all had to completed. Arrangement of images and supplied copy was accomplished with consideration given to the fact that this would be a textbook and the reader would read many pages at any given time. So the pages needed to be clean, orderly and easily digestible. Sections were created for a large volume of images and data from exams with diagrams and charts to display the doctor's findings over a thirty year timespan. I was tasked with creating an index of the book and a table of contents that was pretty extensive.

Once the book was designed, I was commissioned to layout a quick 12 page ebook that would serve as a free download for anyone entering their email into the subscribers email blast list. It was a quick introduction in to what iridology is and how it can be helpful in identifying health concerns by studying a persons eye.


Once I arrived at a general form for the infinity symbol logo, the final color way was several stages of back and forth with the client to create just the right spectrum of color gradient for the rainbow. It think it came out great. Also the little spurs on either side of the words elude to the arrows that are present in the eye exam and diagnosis report; where they're used to point out the different sections of interest on the iris.

Iridology Chart Custom Illustration
Design and layout for 7 ways Iridology Can Change Your Life, an ebook by Infinite Iris


Cover artwork and page spread samples from the definitive textbook on the subject of iridology.