Island Prep Preschool

Island Prep Preschool LOGO Branding Strategy Design Project


The Island Prep Preschool brand was expanding to more locations and needed a visual distinction between locations. Separate logo marks were created for each of the new ventures including: Island prep Elementary, Bayside Preschool, and Aspen Prep Preschool. The school also needed an updated website with payment and application sign up capabilities; continued marketing material, such as graphics for soft goods products; “real” imagery of school classrooms to show the children’s daily routines and program offerings; and brand strategy consultation.



  • Logo design
  • Enrichment of brand story
  • Marketing materials
  • Tagline creation
  • Seasonal Event poster design


  • T-shirt graphics
  • Logo variations for seasonal events


  • Product + Lifestyle
  • Portraiture
  • Architectural
  • Social media


  • UX strategy / UI design
  • Application form development
  • Online payment options
  • Private password protected areas
  • SEO strategy + implementation
  • Copy editing


The owners wanted a way to convey "growing up." So from the beginning of the project we had the idea to create a badge or icon that represented the growth of the school. I created an icon that represented this by combining the whale tail (taking from the original whale logo) and the image of a seed sprouting up. The two sprouts form the shape of a tail using colors from the established brand green and blue.

Bayside Preschool Logo design
Aspen Prep Preschool Logo Design
Island Prep Recycling Logo Design
Island Prep Recycling Logo Design


Examples of branded t-shirts showing use + application. Schoolyard portrait I captured of school owner for “40 Under 40” award. Postcard mailers with hero pics, new logo and brand colors. Eco-friendly theme that incorporates the school’s whale within a recycle symbol; parents referred to school locations as “ Blue Whale” or “Green Whale” so I thought this would make a great tagline:  'Think Green and Blue.'  Finally the branded tote bags for parents and teachers to carry all their important items.


For the school website it was important to create a sense of distinction and develop trust in the private school's educational offerings. The addition of the extended grade levels, moving from only preschool classes to now offering elementary classes, was a big deal for the school. The owners wanted a way to convey "growing up." We did this by including well made promo videos and the use of many "day in the life" images, I photographed, showing students engaged in school activities.

You can see the logo change in the header/menu area of the website to introduce the separation of the school locations. The green whale is for the preschool section of the website, while the whale tail adorns the elementary school pages.

Navigation aids such as color changes, title bars and breadcrumbs assist the user in finding their way through the expanse of information on each page.