No Trust Album Artwork

No Trust - Metal Band Custom Logo


No Trust is a two-piece band from California. They were recording their first album and needed some cover artwork that represented the sentiment of the music. The group is made up of two brothers and one is a very talented artist so, I felt honored to be brought on to create something original for dudes that could easily create their own artwork. That's real trust.

The east bay metal duo hired me to design a logo consisting of a word mark and graphic combination which would be a basis for the album artwork and marketing materials that were needed to promote the album release.

I also built out all of the social media and web graphics needed for the cross platform facelift. This included cover and profile images for: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a Bandcamp page.


The idea of an ouroboros was thrown around very early and this is the direction I took that sentiment of infinite; which I interpreted as the infinite drive to push forward, even if someone cuts off your head, you still push. A lot of the ability to stretch this design across the many screen and print dimensions was possible because I created an Illustrator brush. This allowed me to easily make coils to fill in space and add some drama to the screen. In the following images you'll see an example of the snake assets created to use for different iterations of the marketing items.


"This sweet digipack came to us with stickers even, a strong recommendation for everyone out there, even bands that suck, and absolutely killer artwork.  Seriously, this is one of the cooler covers we’ve seen over the years.  The color scheme is simple, and biting, and the imagery awesome."

– Deaf Sparrow

"Let me just say, AMAZING WORK. So good, man. SO GOOD. Ben and I are in awe of it. ALL OF IT! I have just been sitting and staring at it for days, seething with jealousy at your talent."
— Zach Guzman

"Holy shit you're a genius. Thanks man!"
— Ben Guzman

No Trust -Custom Illustration- Graphics for Metal Band- Drumhead design


Six panel digipak album cover layout and design partnered with the square shaped promo cards that had a QR code for the digital download link for the album. Presskit with contact info and short bio. Assets of the snake design with different variations of the combinations.