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The 360 Group acquired the license to Sharper Image, FAO Schwarz and Discovery STEM. They were undergoing a complete over haul of the  Sharper Image brand and hired me to work through several visual styles based on back and forth conversations with the teams. After the initial preview pages were delivered, which had a few directions of design styles and layout choices, I was brought on the project and produced the entire 80 page product catalog.


The style choices made for the 2019 catalog served as the basis for the new Sharper Image “look.” The style was carried over to the product packaging and website. Extraneous, complicated and dated graphics were replaced with clean icons, consistent type choices and minimal color pallette. Beautiful product visuals complimented a structured presentation across the product lineup leading to an updated and very smart looking presentation for the Sharper Image offerings.


Rewind back to 2019. Once I agreed to work with Three Sixty Group on the initial Sharper Image catalog  and after sending over the initial concepts for the Sharper Image style concepts, there was a “buzz” about the style choices I provided.  They  contacted me and I was told to stop working on the Sharper Image project. The marketing team wanted to put me on the development phase of two other lines under the 360 Group umbrella. Based on work the team saw, they offered me the chance to design and layout the FAO Schwarz and Discovery STEM product catalogs as well. I was honored. These lines were more complete and turn around was more time sensitive.  So I could work to complete the new product catalogs while many of the Sharper Image products were still being developed and then complete the original task.

Needless to say, it was very fun to be working on three iconic brands, simultaneously juggling design decisions with real world production hurdles such as: delays, removal,  and the addition of products; working closely with both USA and China marketing teams to manage product assets, multiple product description revisions; creation of consistent inter-office communication strategies and processes to help manage a 24 hour around the clock, multicultural, fast paced and very dynamic team of professionals.

SHARPER IMAGE 2019 PRODUCT CATALOG designed by Ryan Leonardy
FAO SCHWARZ 2019 PRODUCT CATALOG designed by Ryan Leonardy


Product catalog for 2020 Sharper Image lineup. Responsible for determining all style choices, icon creation, item properties/callout choices and layout of 116 page booklet. This catalog represents the merging of the two styles, the 2019 catalog style and the new graphic style I helped develop for 360 Group. I’m proud to see the hard work realized in a mature state.


Product catalog for 2020 FAO Schwarz lineup. Responsible for determining all style choices, icon creation, item properties/callout choices and layout of 112 page booklet. It was important to showcase the reintroduction of brick and mortar flagship stores through imagery of grand opening and store interiors. The client also requested the to create a system to identify exclusive and luxury items with icons, labels and standardized placement of information. Heavy reliance on the layout grid to keep all the different items coordinated in size and hierarchy of information.


Catalog design and page layout for 2019 and also the 2020 Discovery STEM product lineup. I was offered a lot of freedom when creating a "look" and determining all style choices. Responsible for icon creation, item properties, callout choices and layout of 60 page booklet. Choices made here, such as the angled cutout, hexagons and patterned color overlay, led to further standardize the brand style.

In many cases product packaging mockups had to be created by myself, provided from the marketing team only in the flat print ready form.