FREEDOM by design

Life is good, especially if you work hard to ensure that is. I feel like I can relate to most people and connect in some way through our shared experiences. I've had a fun life so far: travelled to a lot of remote places both in truck and on foot, hiked over 100 mountains, showered in ice melt waterfalls, camped in a van during a blizzard with my wife— who by the way I proposed to at the iceberg lake under the glacier of Mt Robson in Canada (would've been a long twelve mile hike if she'd said no), got married outside during a hurricane in Florida, caught all three of my kids as they were born, read Llama Llama Red Pajama to my son two dozen times in one sitting before he fell asleep, jumped off a 60' tall bridge, sang in multiple punk bands, watched sea turtles being born during a hurricane on a beach in Costa Rica, caught salmon on the Kenai River, watched the aurora dance overhead, swam with manatees, rode a bull name dynamite, walked two miles across a frozen lake to hike on a glacier, designed and physically built a house, restored a 100 year old house to its former glory, photographed moose deep in the north woods of Maine, crunched red leaves under my feet during a Vermont autumn, had two month long road trips to Mexico by the age of 19, spent nine winters on the North Shore of Oahu, chased storm surf on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, got barreled at crazy slabs on Phillip Island in Australia while fairy penguins jumped out of the wave face, felt the spray from a humpbacks blowhole as she exhaled while surfacing just out of arms reach, stood in the middle of redwood groves while the misty air swayed the fog to and fro, watched meteor showers brighten the night sky from the rooftop of a catamaran off the coast of Sumatra, and most of all shared beautiful moments with friends and family.
Oh yeah, work stuff. I've worked a variety of jobs to understand as much of this world as I can. From dishwashing as a kid to hanging sheet rock, working at a call center or replacing plumbing to an entire house, my hands have been really dirty. I've taught college design classes across the USA and documented archeological digs for Native American tribes, so my hands have stayed clean too. But my love will always be design, particularly developing brands and crafting the story which connects brand to customer that must be created to snag that ever more scarce customer attention. Identity systems and product launch campaigns have been my main focus for the last seven years. I'm good at it. A quick study. Great at pattern recognition and being ahead of the curve. Creative direction and strategy is my core strength. Even though my physical core strength diminished quite a bit of late, luckily dad bods are trending. With a strong ability to organize complex problems into achievable solutions I help guide companies down the path of growth by identifying pain points in their messaging and visuals. Creating assets and systems that allow the company to use cohesive marketing materials allows the brand to embed itself into the mind of their consumer base like a tick on a dog that doesn't run. That's deep son.

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