Annual Report Layout Project
Working with 9MYLES to bring some much needed love to the look and layout of this organizations annual report I was tasked with taking the raw copy and corresponding images and compiling them into a beautiful document worthy of their mission. Complimenting images were provided by 9MYLES and the task of creating informational hierarchy was up to me to bring the text to life with color, weight and size differences allowing the reader to scan through the page to pinpoint the relevant data. Dense material was thus broken down to digestible nuggets in a visually pleasing manner leading to a more enjoyable read. Organized with callouts appearing in different colors, boxes and opacity allowed me to further breakdown the data, presentation adhered to a thoughtful grid that allowed for white space. A textured background was used sparingly to bring a tactile feeling to the pages and integrate the "natural," as the organization is trying to preserve the natural beauty, I thought lets make it a part of the document.
LA Waterkeeper sponsored maps of preserved marine areas
Illustrations of protected areas with infographics and contextual data, paragraphs with relevant copy explaining current and proposed additions to the areas. These were used in a variety of ways on site, in print and as presentation materials during meetings with officials.

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