I am a graphic designer and brand consultant offering creative direction for companies wanting to connect with customers in meaningful ways.

First of all, welcome to my part of the universe.
A small part of the whole, but very essential. Which sums up my philosophy on design.

It’s as neccesary as air. And more ethereal. Because design isn’t a product, I sell ideas. Vapors, collected and exhaled as concept. I sell experience. And I charge for opportunity. The opportunity to distill the very essence of your company into a potent concentrate and offer the ability to inject that solution directly into the consciousness of potential customers.

It’s no small task and I do not take it lightly. When tasked with designing elements, critical to a company’s growth strategy, each project I shoulder is chosen under the premise that I can make a difference. Among many other possibilities a company’s rebrand may include a new logo, product brochure, packaging or website; all those little pieces that create the most important part of a company’s brand— public perception. That’s what I do. I create a mold. A system with assets that can be used to cut through the noise of the competition and sear an indelible image of your brand’s unique position into the brain of your customer. Creative direction with purpose. Design with utility, function and purpose.

A company makes stuff, a brand connects people with that stuff.

When I work with a client my goal is to be a catalyst. At the critical moment when a customer is standing in front of an aisle full of choices, they remember the message we created and the reaction to that message makes a connection. That connection is familiarity, that connection moves them to buy and your product flies off the shelves.

Now, if your company desires to grow the brand, let’s work together.

I’m not a robot.
I enjoy the outdoors and when I’m out of the office, you can find me: enjoying my family, surfing a dredging tube somewhere, hiking into the wilderness and exploring this wide open world.